Preventing Underage Drinking and Driving

Young people have always been fascinated with drinking, even if it is not legal for them to drink. From the earliest time of alcohol being made and consumed, children have watched adults consume alcoholic drinks and have wanted to be included. While most parents would not give children alcoholic drinks, underage children have found ways to sneak around and drink alcohol. From a sip of dad’s beer or mom’s wine when they leave the room to using fake ID’s to purchase beer at your local convenience store, the fascination of alcohol has been there.

According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, by SAMSA, nearly 7.7 million Americans between the ages of 12-20 years old report current alcohol consumption; this represents nearly 20% of this age group for whom alcohol consumption is illegal. While many of this total are just an occasional sneaking a drink from home or a friend, this still presents a problem. The older portion of this teenage group presents another problem in that they are now able to drive, and if they are drinking and driving, it presents a danger to them and others on the road.

Preventing underage drinking is a challenge for everyone. Parents are concerned with the safety and health of their children from drinking and then driving. Brian Joslyn, a criminal lawyer advised the key is the education of your children and to present the potential dangers of underage drinking and reminding them that it is against the law.

To help parents and children learn about underage drinking and the potential dangers, we have provided you with a number of helpful resources. We hope this helps educate everyone about problems associated with underage drinking.

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