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Joslyn Law Firm Testimonials

A great team of professionals that are on your side !
brandon gaston Google review by brandon gaston

Justin Bagley represented Me an handled everything well!!!!I would definitely recommend
Chelsea Ray Google review by Chelsea Ray

Omg so Ive never witnessed a trial or been to one before until my friend Anthony unfortunately had to go threw one and I just wanna say how impressed I was with Brian and his team. April Campbell you are the bomb no lie you inspired me to want to become a lawyer but I could never even come close to reaching the level of professionalism and passion you have. The whole time I just sat there amazed and envious of you. Its so empowering to watch a another women do something as hard as proving someones innocence in a murder case under so much pressure and you did it without breaking a sweat. The passion and drive you showed proves that you are the best lawyer Ive ever seen without a doubt. Brian is very lucky to have you on his side. Thank you guys so much for never giving up on my friend you guys are the best. If you wanna go to jail or prison have fun with the other law firms but If your looking for lawyers that are going to go above and beyond for you and your freedom these guys are it! Thanks Brian Joslyn and April Campbell you guys are truly a blessing not only to me but to everyone you meet !
Rachel Danamer Google review by Rachel Danamer

Mark is the best man for any job...
Karl Casey Google review by Karl Casey

The firm connected me with Mark. He was the best option I could of asked for after putting myself in a terrible situation. He was able to get charges reduced and made the process extremely smooth. They deserve a call if you ever find yourself in a bind.
josh miller Google review by josh miller

I was accused of something I didn't do and was facing a possible criminal record. Joslyn Law Firm, and specifically Owen Kalis and Mark Wieczorek, made me feel at ease and helped me get things settled quickly. Most importantly, I don't have violent crime on my criminal record. I recommend this firm to anyone who needs a Criminal Defense Lawyer.
Captain Google review by Captain

Owen is awesome. He is very hard working and kept me informed every step of the way. I really felt like I was in good hands and highly recommend.
Matthew Brick Google review by Matthew Brick

Couldnt be happier!!! Mark did an amazing job throughout the entire process. Very thankful!!!
Marty Molony Google review by Marty Molony

I have so much gratitude for the Joslyn Law Firm Team, especially Mark. The handling of our case was professional, aggressive and ultimately a victory.
Mark is a no nonsense attorney and he does not paint a fake, happy outcome for you. He is realistic with what to expect, there was no point throughout the case did I feel mislead or uneasy about his representation. Do not hesitate to call this team, they are veteran attorneys and know the system well.
Cameron Havens Google review by Cameron Havens

Owen Kalis is a tremendous attorney that shows professionalism, integrity, and selflessness. His ability to meet the needs of his clients is insurmountable.
Frank Mercuri Google review by Frank Mercuri

Brian Joslyn is an amazing lawyer! This law firm is extremely professional and great at what they do.
Nadia Swaney Google review by Nadia Swaney

Mark was incredibly honest and upfront. There were no surprises at the conclusion of my case. He cares for the client and is greatly concerned for their success before, during and after trial. I would strongly recommend Mark.
Dennis Hartwick Google review by Dennis Hartwick

Marks reputation as a hardworking and professional attorney prompted me to call him when we needed legal advice. He treated our case with the respect it deserved while always being available to talk about the cases finer details. I highly recommend Mark and his firm.
Todd Hicks Google review by Todd Hicks

Owen Kalis went above and beyond my expectations. He was extremely diligent and he was constantly communicating with me to ensure everything will be taken care of. I highly recommend using Joslyn Law Firm if you need an attorney.
Patrick Campagna Google review by Patrick Campagna

Joslyn's service connected me with Mark Wieczorek. Words are difficult to find for the level of quality, professionalism and sincere direction provided by Mark. As he navigated me through the court system. His steady professionalism, resolve and knowledge navigated me through the process. With me walking away with my freedom and life intact. As it is difficult to truly express how impressed and thankful I am with Mark. All I can say is Thank you and to anyone needing legal help Mark Wieczorek is the only counsel I would recommend.
Charles Chapman Google review by Charles Chapman

The Joslyn Law Firm is a hard working, dedicated team that goes above and beyond in making sure their clients receive all the help they can get. I have both been a client of and have had the privilege of working personally for the firm for a few years, and I have the highest amount of respect for every person there. I know first hand, by being on both sides of the scene, that they are diligent and care very much about each and every client. I would recommend the Joslyn Law Firm to anyone that needed legal help with criminal or traffic matters.
Isabella Bryan Google review by Isabella Bryan

I was very satisfied with the work Brian Joslyn and his staff provided. They were professional and always ready to answer questions .
chris stuebbe Google review by chris stuebbe

Brian Joslyn represented me and it was quickly evident that he was knowledgeable, experienced and respectful.
Devin Martin Google review by Devin Martin

I was throughly pleased with the service I received and would wholeheartedly recommend the Joslyn Law firm!
kristy A Google review by kristy A

Brian went above and beyond to make sure we received a fair settlement!
Matt V Google review by Matt V

I could not ask for a better or more qualified team to help me. I highly recommend them for any legal services.
Emily T Google review by Emily T

Brian and Mark are a great team to work with, highly talented lawyers and incredible staff to back them up.
John Mooney Google review by John Mooney

Asked a quick question over the phone, for which they were gracious enough to help me and I can tell if I need a hand with anything in the future that I'll be in good hands here
Kulungo Hollencamp Google review by Kulungo Hollencamp

Brian handled my case and was able to get it dropped, would recommend him to anyone worried about their future. Fees are surprisingly fair and communication was five stars.
John Finger Google review by John Finger

Honest and ethical top rated attorneys. They will give it to you straight, absolutely no sugar coating anything, however when facing serious trouble that is what you want. They know the system and know how to get results. I strongly recommend this firm they are worth every penny.
Noah Bianco Google review by Noah Bianco

I would highly recommend the joslyn law firm for any of your legal needs, they are courteous and prompt and his assistant Robin is very kind and was always available to answer any of my questions!
Robert Kostiuk Google review by Robert Kostiuk

Brain and his lawyers were an incredible team to work with. They told me what to expect right from the start and they got things done professionally.
Brandon jahnke Google review by Brandon jahnke

Highly professional and great at what they do. The best lawyers in town!
Alexa Rowland Google review by Alexa Rowland

Mark is everything you want in a defense attorney, an advocate for his clients, very professional and great at communicating. He is respected across the board in court and you can tell that he cares about his reputation. He is the type you want to have in your corner.
Amanda Baldasare Google review by Amanda Baldasare

If you want a great team with great people then Bryan Joclyn and his team are the people for you! They got me exactly what I needed, they were nice, friendly, and a blast to work with! Will definitely go back if I ever need them again!
Amber Nicholls Google review by Amber Nicholls

Words cannot expressive how thankful I am for attorney Brian. His criminal defense expertise goes without question - its obvious he is the best criminal attorney in Dayton.
You can tell he is fighting for you the entire time, wonderful man and firm!!
Trever Simpson Google review by Trever Simpson

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Brian and his team get results! Very up front and honest lawyers, extremely kind and professional. I was told what the expected outcome would be for my case and what could be done for me and Joslyn Law Firm DELIVERED. His staff was very patient and willing to take the time to explain things that were more complicated to understand. The entire staff made me feel as though I was a friend and not a client, this is what you want especially dealing with the most stressful of times in your life. I believe and trust in this team- these are your people you want on your side if you are in trouble with the law
Dana Muscii Google review by Dana Muscii

Brian Joslyn handled my case and was patient and caring. The outcome made my life better.
Jon Heath Google review by Jon Heath

If you want reliable and easy people to work with, Bryan Joslyn and his team are the people you need! They were a delight to do business with!
shannon spuzzillo Google review by shannon spuzzillo

Brian Joslyn is a very helpful lawyer, prepared in every step of the case!
Monsternairb Google review by Monsternairb

Brian Joslyn is without question the preeminent lawyer you want working for you. His performance in and out of the courtroom is remarkable. After meeting Mr. Joslyn it becomes clear that his top priorities are his clients and the outcome of their case. Brian represented a family member whose case was multi-layered and complicated. After Brian received the evidence on the case he had a strategy in place and was confident in obtaining a favorable result. He worked relentlessly for months until he was able to get what we had wanted. Brian was always available by phone, we would get a call back within 24 hours if not less. He will pick up late at night and on weekends, it is obvious he lives and breathes his work. I implore you to try and find a better criminal defense lawyer, dont be surprised when your search falls short. Brian is by far the best.
Samantha Vlasic Google review by Samantha Vlasic

For what a difficult situation I was facing I couldnt have had a more positive experience. Charged with 2nd offense OVI and a high test, the cards were definitely against me. Brian Joslyn is a no-nonsense guy and was an advocate for me through the whole case. He and Ryan did such a great job on my case, and the result was better than expected. Dont make the mistake of hiring anyone else.
Kristen Shirey Google review by Kristen Shirey