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Arrest Warrants / Bench Warrants

Do you have a warrant for your arrest in Ohio? Joslyn Law Firm can help you resolve it now, before it creates a wave of greater consequences down the line.

If you have never been arrested, you should not get into the habit now. It is extremely unpleasant, demeaning, and puts you in a number of positions that result in a worse outcome for your criminal record. Each step in the system urges the defendant to plead guilty, rather than taking the time to seek counsel and thoughtfully resolve the case. It is worth your time to call us and stop looking over your shoulder.

Dayton Arrest Warrants / Bench Warrants Lawyer

Dayton criminal defense lawyer Brian Joslyn knows what it is like to be handcuffed, booked into jail, questioned by police, and intimidated by the system. It is not a position of power to be in jail when there are decisions to be made affecting the rest of your life. Joslyn Law Firm can help you, though, by resolving the warrant and the underlying charges that led to warrant’s issuance.

Call to discuss your warrant. We can answer your questions about what to do next and how to positively present yourself before the court. If you have a warrant in Montgomery County, Miami County, Clark County, or Green County, even if you are currently out of state, Joslyn Law Firm can help you resolve it.

Overview of Arrest Warrants / Bench Warrants in Montgomery County

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Failure to Appear in Ohio

There are approximately 35,000 arrest warrants listed in Ohio databases – not including those held by local law enforcement. Police cannot possibly go after every single one, and most pop up unexpectedly at a routine traffic stop or other opportunity for law enforcement to question and identify an individual.

Many warrants are issued because the defendant failed to appear at a scheduled court date. This can happen for a number of reasons. In no way do you want to appear as a flight risk to the court, so it is best for you to call a defense attorney, discuss the reasons you missed the date, and file a motion to withdraw a bench warrant due to an inadvertent or unintentional mistake. We will reschedule your court date, and may be able to resolve the issue without you ever having to appear.

Failing to appear before the court is a crime in itself. Ohio Rev. Code § 2937.99 states that if you have failed to appear before a court in connection with a misdemeanor offense, you will be charged with an additional misdemeanor of the first degree. If the defendant failed to appear in court relating to a felony offense, the punishment is a felony of the fourth degree.

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Charged with a Crime in Montgomery County

If you have been charged with a crime and issued an arrest warrant, call (937) 356-3969 right away. Again, it is not in your best interest to appear as a flight risk. It will have an impact on whether you are granted bail and the amount and terms of the bail. Discuss with Joslyn Law Firm the strategy we will take in your defense so that, if it is necessary that you turn yourself in, you go with an understanding of your case and having taken care of outstanding issues.

A criminal defense lawyer may be able to reason with the court to avoid any jail time. Additionally, we may use the tools of petitioning the judge for a favorable release solution and submitting an emergency bond motion for the reduction of your bond amount.

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Ohio Violations of Terms of Probation or Parole

If a police officer has reasonable grounds to assume a person has violated the terms of their parole, they may make an arrest without a warrant. They must believe the violation was in line with one of the following conditions:

  • A condition that prohibits ownership, possession, or use of a firearm, deadly weapon, ammunition, or dangerous ordnance
  • A condition that prohibits the person from being within a specified structure or geographic area
  • A condition that confines the person to a residence, facility, or other structure
  • A condition that prohibits the person from contacting or communicating with any specified individual
  • A condition that prohibits the person from associating with a specified individual

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Find the Best Arrest Warrants / Bench Warrants Lawyer in Dayton

Take a few minutes of your day to call (937) 356-3969. We will schedule a free, initial consultation to discuss your warrant and other charges that you face. We will represent you in a positive light to the court and explain the reasoning behind a failure to appear. Also, if you are turning yourself in, we can discuss bail options with the court or try to avoid jail time altogether.

If you have an arrest warrant in Dayton or the surrounding areas, call (937) 356-3969 today. Joslyn Law Firm can help you deal with the warrant and go back to living a worry-free life.

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