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Juvenile Crime

If you or your underage child has been accused of committing a criminal offense, it is important to immediately consult an experienced criminal defense attorney in Dayton. If a juvenile is adjudicated, or determined guilty, of the charges they are facing, they could receive consequences that have long-lasting effects. Possible penalties an adjudicated juvenile offender can incur can include any of the following:

  • A criminal record,
  • Community service,
  • Counseling,
  • Driver’s license suspension,
  • House arrest,
  • Inability to accepted into certain colleges or educational programs,
  • Incarceration in a state detention facility,
  • Ineligibility to apply for certain jobs, occupations or professions,
  • Probation, and/or
  • Substance abuse treatment.

Even if your child has been adjudicated of a juvenile offense, they do not necessarily have to receive these serious punishments and consequences. An experienced Dayton criminal defense lawyer may be able to request deferred adjudication from the judge or enroll your child in a program for underage offenders.

Dayton Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Contact the Joslyn Law Firm for a consultation today about your child’s alleged juvenile crime throughout the areas of Dayton, Kettering, Huber Heights, Troy, Piqua, Springfield, Beavercreek and Fairborn. Brian Joslyn is knowledgeable in all areas of Ohio’s juvenile crime laws and will make every effort to help your child avoid the most severe penalties and punishments to their alleged offense. Contact the Joslyn Law Firm for a free consultation at (614) 444-1900 if your child has been charged with a juvenile offense throughout Dayton, Ohio.

Dayton Juvenile Crime Information Center

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Juvenile Delinquency in Dayton

Various terms and definitions associated with juvenile delinquency in Ohio, such as a juvenile delinquency, youthful offender, child and unruly child are listed below.

  • Juvenile Delinquent – As defined in § 2152.02 of the Ohio Revised Code, a juvenile delinquent is anyone under the age of 18  that commits an offense in violation of Ohio’s laws that would be considered a criminal offense if committed by an adult.
  • Serious Youthful Offender – As defined in Ohio Rev. Code § 2152.02, a serious youthful offender is a juvenile required to be sentenced to a mandatory serious youthful offender term. This only applies to certain acts and if the offender is a certain age and has not been transferred to adult court.
  • Unruly Child – As defined in Ohio Rev. Code § 2151.022, an unruly child is a child who does not submit to the control of their parent, violates the law, is a habitual truant, or behaves in way that would injure the child’s health or the health of another.

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Ohio Juvenile Court System

The juvenile delinquency process generally begins when any person files a complaint against a juvenile offender that has knowledge the child may be a delinquent child, in accordance with Ohio Rev. Code § 2152.021. Also, a law enforcement officer may take a child into custody if they find a child has committed a delinquent act.

Once the juvenile or child has been taken into custody, they will either be brought to the detention center or released to their parent or guardian. The juvenile may not be held in custody for more than three hours before they are released or sent to a detention center; however, they may be held for up to six hours for certain offenses before they are released or sent to a detention center.

After the child has been taken into custody or released to their parent or guardian, an adjudicatory hearing will be set within 72 hours. At the hearing, the court determines if the juvenile has committed an offense if they should be held in a detention center.

Since juvenile offenders do not have the same constitutional protections as adults, they are not permitted a jury at the hearing, but they are permitted to have an attorney and present witnesses in their defense.

Once the adjudicatory hearing has taken place, the juvenile will be sentenced at a dispositional hearing if they are adjudicated of the offense.

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Dayton Juvenile Crime Penalties

A juvenile offender will be sentenced at a dispositional hearing if they are adjudicated of the charges brought against them or they violate the terms to a juvenile diversion program. They may be penalized with any of the following punishments:

  • Confinement in a detention center,
  • Drug and alcohol testing,
  • Possible imprisonment if sentenced as an adult,
  • Drug or alcohol treatment or counseling,
  • Medical or psychological treatment or counseling,
  • Court costs and fines,
  • Community service,
  • Curfew,
  • House arrest,
  • Probation,
  • Requirements to obtain a high school diploma, and/or
  • Driver’s license suspension.

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Montgomery County Juvenile Drug Court Program

Montgomery County provides for a drug program to assist juvenile offenders that have been influenced by the use of drugs and/or alcohol, and committed criminal offenses as a result of the drug or alcohol use.

The drug court is a judicially supervised program that provides treatment and case management to juvenile offenders with substance abuse issues. The drug program can include:

  • Community supervision,
  • Mandatory random drug testing, and
  • The use of sanctions and incentives.

The drug court program also provides juvenile offenders with access to social activities and programs, including camps, sports leagues and summer employment.

The program can take anywhere from nine months to two years to complete. However, juvenile offenders who successfully complete the program will likely have their criminal charges dismissed.

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Juvenile Crimes Resources in Dayton

Ohio Revised Code – Juvenile Offenders – Chapters 2151 and 2152 of the Ohio Revised Code define juvenile delinquency terms and laws, in addition to outlining the juvenile judicial system and penalties for juvenile offenders.

Montgomery County Juvenile Court – This juvenile court was created to provide justice for children while protecting the community and penalize, rehabilitate or treat juveniles who violate laws throughout Montgomery County. This site provides information on detention centers, probation services, drug courts and the Reclaiming Futures Program. The Montgomery County Juvenile Court is located at:

Juvenile Justice Center
380 W. Second St.
Dayton, Ohio 45422
Phone: (937) 225-4267

Ohio Department of Youth Services – The DYS is a governmental department that is responsible for the confinement of juveniles who have committed felony offenses. This program encourages positive change in the lives of youthful offenders through counseling, treatment and academic interventions. The Dayton Regional Office is located at:

Dayton DYS Regional Office
1133 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd., Ste. 400
Dayton, Ohio 45417
Phone: (937) 285-6525

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Joslyn Law Firm | Dayton Juvenile Offender Defense Attorney

If your child has been accused of a juvenile offense throughout the areas of Montgomery County, Miami County, Clark County and Greene County, contact the Joslyn Law Firm today. Brian Joslyn is an experienced Dayton criminal defense lawyer who will make every effort to help your child achieve the most desirable outcome for their particular situation. Contact the Joslyn Law Firm at (937) 356-3969 today for a free consultation about your child’s alleged juvenile offense in Dayton.

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