Charged with Theft in Dayton, Ohio. What Do I Do?

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Charged with Theft in Dayton. What Do I Do?

Being arrested for and charged with a crime in Dayton, Ohio, is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with professionally because, depending on the circumstances, a conviction can result in severe effects on the accused person’s life. Theft crimes, specifically, can be tough because there are various degrees of theft with an accompanying range of punishments depending on the seriousness of the crime. A skilled criminal defense attorney is the ideal way to ensure that your case is thoroughly examined, and you get the best possible result.

Theft Crimes in Dayton, Ohio

Theft crimes are complicated because they can arise from a variety of situations, and they can have a serious negative effect on the lives of those accused of these crimes. While theft crimes have a very physical element to them since something must be taken to make the accusation, they also have moral concerns attached to them as well. Many people feel as if theft crimes are associated with dishonesty and a lack of morality.

In Dayton, Ohio, theft offenses include petty theft/shoplifting (property or services stolen under $500), theft (property or services worth at least $1,000 but less than $7,500), grand theft (property or services worth at last $7,500 but less than $150,000), aggravated theft (property or services valued at $150,000 or more), unauthorized use of a vehicle (motor vehicle, aircraft, boat, motorcycle, or another motorized vehicle), receiving stolen property, and robbery (this offense involves weapons or threats of some kind).

Depending on the situation and circumstances stemming from the alleged crime, possible penalties for theft crimes in Ohio can range from 180-day jail sentence and $1,000 fine up to ten years in prison and $20,000 fine. Restitution may also be ordered.

What To Do If Charged with a Theft Crime

Those who have been accused of theft crimes in Dayton, Ohio, need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent their cases. During an arrest, the accused should stay calm and remain silent because anything said can be used negatively in a court of law. The only thing which should be said to the police other than the person’s name and address is a request for legal representation.

Your criminal defense attorney can figure out the best strategy to defend you in court when it comes to charges of theft. The circumstances will be evaluated, and evidence examined to figure out the best way to present your case to reduce the charges or have them dismissed completely.

Contact Our Dayton, Ohio, Theft Crimes Lawyer

At the Joslyn Law Firm, our experienced criminal defense attorney is award-winning and has handled hundreds of criminal cases. We work tirelessly to fight the allegations against you and to get the best possible outcome for our clients. If you have been charged with a theft crime in Dayton, Ohio, exercise your right to remain silent, stay calm, and contact our skilled criminal defense firm.

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