Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

First, not all criminal defense attorneys in Miami Valley are made equal. Each attorney has his or her own skill set, motivation for practicing law, and insight into the Ohio criminal justice system. This is why it's especially important to carefully select your attorney. Secondly, you should do your part in maintaining productive and open interactions with your attorney. This can make a difference in revealing small but important details, as well as helping you explore effective defense strategies.

What to Do Before Your Hire a Defense Attorney

Decades ago, people relied heavily on word of mouth, radio ads and print ads, and television advertisements to learn about attorneys. However, these mediums could only tell you basic information about an attorney. They could not relay detail about the quality of an attorney's representation. Fortunately, it's much easier today to learn more about an attorney before hiring them.

Some of the most convincing arguments for an attorney come from reviews, whether from family members or acquaintances. The internet is another popular tool in researching an attorney, allowing you to find reviews made by former clients and even endorsements by other attorneys or judges. While a review isn't indicative of the experience you will receive, it can help you weigh an attorney's previous relationship with clients.

What to Ask When Interviewing Attorneys

The charges you face, whether they are misdemeanor or felony in nature, have the potential to change your life in the short-term and even long-term. This is why your relationship with your attorney is crucial. You want an attorney who can represent you throughout this serious time – one who you are comfortable confiding in.

It's also important to screen potential attorneys based on their record. You need to feel confident that their education, background, and reputation are positive and fit your immediate needs. Ask about their previous experience with cases like yours. Also be sure to note the depth and volume of questions they are asking you during your consultation. A qualified Ohio criminal lawyer will provide you with a thorough consultation and not simply give a strategy based on scant details. Your case is unique and your attorney should recognize this.

What Motivates Your Attorney?

You can often tell immediately from your first interaction with an attorney whether they are motivated by a passion for your case or for monetary reasons. Attorneys who shuffle you to an assistant, spend little time on the phone, or dodge your calls entirely, are ones to avoid. This may indicate how they will treat your case once you sign a contract to hire them.

There are attorneys out there who are motivated by the law and fair treatment for all. These attorneys understand that the criminal justice system is not an easy path to navigate for many. Lack of knowledge or a strong ally can lead a person accused of a crime to stand alone against a prosecution that is determined to convict.

An Attorney Should Be Your Confidant

You always maintain the right to remain silent during police questioning and retain an attorney. However, when you do hire an attorney, you should speak your mind. Your criminal defense attorney is obligated to retain your confidentiality. The more details you can provide, the better. This can help your attorney anticipate the strategy the prosecution may bring and weaken the case against you.

Many people fear revealing pieces of information that can be incriminating or misconstrued. Do not be afraid to talk to your lawyer about every single detail about your case. A true attorney will also listen to all of your concerns and address them promptly.

Vigorous Advocacy for Your Defense

At the Joslyn Law Firm, you can rest assured that your attorney meets all of these qualifications or more. We have no hidden agenda. Your freedom and good name are what motivates us to spend extra effort in fighting against the prosecution. We are always here for you and make it a priority to explain every aspect of your case clearly. You are a vital part of our team.

If you are not convinced, we welcome any questions you may have about your charges or even how the Ohio justice system works in general. Call (937) 356-3969 to speak one-on-one with an experienced Dayton criminal defense attorney at Joslyn Law Firm today.

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