Ohio Mayor’s Court

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Ohio Mayor’s Court

Mayor’s Courts are small, localized court systems throughout the counties of Ohio. Mayor’s Courts are not the typical courts of record and they are not directly regulated by the Ohio Supreme Court in the way that the Municipal Court are. Since the Ohio Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch of government in the State of Ohio, however, it has set forth the standards that must be met for a mayor’s court to operate.

The Ohio Revised Code § 1905.03 is the Statute that requires mayor’s courts to register with the Ohio Supreme Court as a condition of operation.

While there are many advantages to Mayor’s Court, such as having local authorities review your case rather than a remote magistrate, there are many limitations to mayor court jurisdiction.

Attorney for Mayor Courts in Cincinnati, OH

The attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm are experienced litigators who are experienced in multiple types of courtrooms throughout Cincinnati, OH, and Mayor’s Courts are no exception. Our lawyers have defended clients in multiple Mayors’ Courts throughout Cincinnati, including Harrison Mayor’s Court, Phillipsburg Mayor’s Court, Moraine Mayor’s Court, West Carrollton Mayor’s Court, Amberley Village Mayor’s Court, and Cheviot Mayor’s Court in Hamilton County, Ohio.

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Mayor’s Courts Throughout Ohio

Some of the Mayor’s Court in Ohio that we practice in includes the following:

  • Hamilton County Mayor’s Courts
    • Amberley
    • Arlington Heights
    • Blue Ash
    • Cheviot
    • Cleves
    • Forest Park
    • Fairfax
    • Harrison
  • Montgomery County Mayor’s Courts
    • Moraine
    • Phillipsburg
    • West Carrollton
  • Butler County Mayor’s Courts
    • Monroe
    • Trenton
  • Warrant County Mayor’s Courts
    • Carlisle
    • Harveysburg
    • Maineville
    • Morrow
    • South Lebanon
    • Springboro
    • Waynesville
  • Preble County Mayor’s Court
    • Camden
    • Gratis
    • West Elkton
  • Brown County Mayor’s Court
    • Georgetown
    • Ripley
  • Clermont County Mayor’s Court
    • Amelia
    • Bethel
    • Felicity
    • Loveland
    • Millford
    • New Richmond
    • Owensville
    • Williamsburg
  • Miami County Mayor’s Courts
    • Bradford
    • Fletcher
  • Greene County Mayor’s Courts
    • Yellow Springs


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Mayor’s Court Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mayor’s Court and Municipal Court?

Municipal court is what is considered a “court of record” where individuals can have their case tried before a jury. Those cases have a court reporter and may be used as the basis for appeal to higher courts. Mayor’s court proceedings are be used in municipal court.

Do I have a right to an attorney?

Only when the charge can result in jail-time does an individual have a right to an attorney provided for him or her. An individual can always obtain personal counsel to represent them in mayor’s court. If he or she needs time to obtain an attorney, generally a Mayor’s Court will grant a continuance, providing the alleged offender an opportunity to retain counsel.

Can I have a jury trial in Mayor’s Court?

There are no jury trials in Mayor’s court. You can, however, request a jury trial and your case will be removed to municipal Court.

Can I Appeal a Mayor’s Court Decision?

You may have your case retried in municipal court if you do not like the Mayor’s Court decision. The municipal court will, however, retry the case as if it is the first time the case has come before a court. It will not use any mayor’s court evidence, opinion, or testimonies.

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Common Mayor’s Court Offenses

  • Sales to underage persons: prohibitions and misrepresentations
  • Reckless driving
  • Open Container
  • Street Racing
  • OVI
  • Criminal mischief
  • Right-of-way at intersections
  • Operation of vehicle at stop and yield signs
  • Cultivation of Marihuana
  • Drug Possession
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

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Find an Attorney for Mayor’s Court in Hamilton County, OH

If you or someone you know is facing an OVI charge, or a misdemeanor violation in Hamilton County, OH, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm.  We regularly practice in Mayor’s courts, fighting for the rights of those accused of crimes in Cincinnati.

Call (937) 356-3969 now to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you in an Ohio Mayor’s Court.

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