How to Prevent Being a Victim of White Collar Crime

There are many different crimes that occur in the world. Some are minor such as pickpocketing, petty larceny, and other lesser crimes. Others such as murder, arson, and manslaughter are serious and can result in death or serious injury. But a large group of crimes fall into the category of white-collar crime. So, what is white-collar crime?

A white-collar crime is generally non-violent in nature often committed by business or government people. The term first appeared in 1939, when the crime was described as a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social standing. However, in recent years this type of crime has expanded to include fraud, bribery, insider trading, cybercrime, forgery, and identity theft. With the advent of the internet, crimes can be committed by anyone, and not just respectable individuals.

The FBI has reported that violent crime has seen a decrease in incidents. However, they also report the incidents of white collar crime, especially fraud and theft, has seen an increase. While some types of white collar crimes such as insider trading, bribery, and forgery are difficult to prevent, others can be stopped by being cautious about sharing your personal financial information with others. As a general rule of thumb, unless you are certain of the identity of the person you are dealing with, don’t give out information. This is especially true when you receive an online request. White collar crimes often involve theft. Depending on the type of theft crime you may need to consult a theft attorney in Dayton.

To help prevent being a victim of white collar crime, the best way is through education. To help we have included several educational articles that deal with the subject of white collar crime.

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