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Joslyn Law Firm

For many people, seeing a uniformed officer or flashing lights in a rearview mirror is unexpected and scary. Jail, fines, and the impact on employment options or even community standing are just a few of the consequences that can come with a criminal misdemeanor or felony conviction in Ohio. However, a conviction is never automatic. You are entitled to due process and a fair trial.

A criminal defense attorney at your side who is knowledgeable and qualified can make all the difference in the world. When confronted with a prosecution that is determined to establish your guilt, an experienced defense attorney can help you combat the charges against you. It is important to carefully examine your options for defense to ensure that your attorney can effectively build a defense for your specific case.

Dayton Criminal Defense Lawyer

At the Joslyn Law Firm, we understand that you and your loved ones are experienced enough stress as it is. Defending yourself against charges, whether they are false or exaggerated, shouldn't be another heavy burden on your shoulders. This is why we take a full-service approach to defending your case, regardless of the charges made against you.

From the moment of your free consultation, you can see our commitment to transparency and open communication. You have access to the attorney representing your case at all times and will not be pushed onto an administrative assistant or paralegal. Furthermore, our Dayton criminal lawyers are highly responsive and are committed to helping you understand every decision made in your defense.

Our clients come from throughout Central and Southern Ohio and are faced with charges ranging from domestic violence in Dayton to reckless driving. We fight hard for our from Montgomery County, Miami County, Clark County, and Green County. They come from communities including Dayton, Troy, Springfield, and Beavercreek to find justice and clear their names.

Call (937) 356-3969 or send an online message today to receive a free consultation with a Dayton criminal defense attorney. We understand you have a busy schedule, so weekend and evening hours are available for your convenience. Contact us today to start building a strong defense and fight the charges you face.

Going the Extra Mile in Your Defense

We do not cut corners or settle on the easiest path. Your future is important to us and we firmly believe that spending extra time over the smallest details is mandatory in our relationship with all clients. After all, this level of attention can uncover facts that can effectively weaken the case against you and help you clear your name.

Our Dayton criminal law firm focuses solely on misdemeanor and felony cases, as well as administrative aspects related to these situations. This concentration of experience and perspective can be an asset, since we do not practice other areas of law. We are highly familiar with the rules and procedures unique to Ohio criminal courtrooms.

We represent clients facing serious felony charges and low-level misdemeanor offenses. This includes situations of violent crimes such as assault, theft, violation of probation, and white-collar crime. If you have completed the terms of your probation, we can help you seal your record in Ohio or obtain an expungement. This can help you confidently answer questions regarding your criminal record when applying for employment or special programs.

Our defense attorneys understand that even a misdemeanor drug charge in Dayton can have unimaginable consequences in the age of frequent background checks. Every client receives the full benefit of our experience and attention. Every case is a big deal for our firm.

Comprehensive DUI Defense in Miami Valley

In our modern age, it's almost mandatory to own or have access to a vehicle. We use cars and trucks to commute to work, school, run errands, and even go to bars or clubs. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not an uncommon crime. It is also one that is committed so casually and without thinking that the driver doesn't expect to be pulled over.

Local law enforcement officers and deputy sheriffs throughout Montgomery County are always on the lookout for potential drunk drivers. However, it is possible for these upholders of the law to make mistakes in pulling a driver over or in administrating a chemical test. In some cases, drivers with no alcohol or drugs in their system can erroneously give a positive result in a field sobriety test, breathalyzer test, or blood test.

Our legal team is highly knowledgeable about the science behind DUI testing in Ohio. In fact, one of our attorneys is a former Ohio prosecutor who has not only tried these cases, but has been asked to speak at law enforcement seminars about DUI litigation issues. Having a respected authority about DUI defense and prosecution at your side may prove extremely useful.

We work hard to secure case dismissal, acquittals, reductions, and other favorable outcomes in cases of drunk driving. Our defense attorneys also provide representation and guidance to help you get your driver's license back during the administrative aspect of your case. If you have been charged with an OVI, contact a Dayton DUI lawyer with our firm and learn more about your defense options.

5 Reasons to Call Joslyn Law Firm

  1. We believe that you deserve quality representation and will work with your budget. After all, nobody plans on needing a criminal lawyer.
  2. You will always have direct access to the attorney representing your case. Unlike some other firms, you will not be shuffled to an assistant or even an outside lawyer.
  3. We won't drown you in legal speak. You'll receive plain, common sense answers to all of your questions.
  4. We have your best interests in mind and will only pursue an outcome that reflects this. We will not settle for anything easy.
  5. Consultations are free and thorough. We will give your case the attention it needs, from the moment you call.

Serving the Dayton Community with Pride

As members of the Ohio community, we have a deep bond with the rich culture, history, and diversity that makeup the Buckeye State. We honor this by always putting our best foot forward and going the distance for every single one of our clients. No matter the circumstances surrounding the charges for the alleged crime around you, we consider it our duty and honor to represent you in Ohio's justice system.

Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients in Kettering, Huber Heights, Piqua, New Carlisle, Fairborn, Xenia, and everywhere in between. We understand many of the unique issues and the atmosphere that can impact a case in Miami Valley. This includes everything from courtroom rules, regional crime statistics, to maintenance history for breathalyzer testing equipment.

Your concerns are always important to us. You can browse our website for general information about your charges or contact us via phone. We're happy to help you understand more about Ohio's criminal justice system, even if you choose not to hire an attorney. Our dedicated staff is available for contact 24/7 at (937) 356-3969. Let Joslyn Law Firm help you protect your record from a misdemeanor or felony conviction in Ohio.

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