Associate Attorney - Joslyn Law Firm

Firas Awadallah graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelors in History and Political Science, a Masters in Urban Studies, and Juris Doctor degrees.

Firas has practiced exclusively in the field of criminal law since being admitted to the Ohio Bar. Starting his career as a public defender in Clinton County and then Montgomery counties, he has taken numerous Felony and Misdemeanor cases to both jury and bench trials. He has handled cases all the way from misdemeanor traffic offenses to high level felony drug trafficking cases. Firas has experience in both small town courts and large urban courts at the Felony, Misdemeanor, and Juvenile levels.

Aside from an absolute commitment to vigorously defending the rights of his clients, Firas centers his practice on an empathetic approach to representation focused on the client. Good people regularly get caught up in bad circumstances, and Firas understands that these circumstances can be an extremely confusing and stressful time for clients. Firas is committed to building trust, compassion, and listening to clients, in addition to forceful advocacy on their behalf both in and out of court.

Nothing less than absolute defense of clients’ rights is acceptable to Firas. When a client has the full weight of the State against them, they deserve an advocate that does not rest in their defense. Firas understands that client’s come from unique backgrounds and circumstances, no case is exactly the same. Firas understands that each case deserves uncompromising attention and dedication to achieve the best possible outcome for all of his clients.